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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hang ouTss b4 NS T_T

15h march,saturday...
dating again lols~...went to looking good for lunch..
after tat we rush to gurney plaza for a 2.45pm Spiderwick movie but we were too late for it... was actually chin heng birthday and for me as a "good friend to have"(lols xD)..
i booked a chochalate indulgence worth RM70 after receiving a call from wei chen...xD
after that she and i watched show by 5.15pm..
it was an ok movie for me....we can almost guess out what will happened next in the movie....lols..

after that we met up the other gangs...chen,zez,kevin,zying,kok,ganthi and of coz the birthday boy and his wife lols..
of coz chin heng didnt noe bout the cake lols..
after fetching her back...we went to martini opposite the Silverton for our dinner...
kee wah..chun yang etc. came later to greet him =)
i asked the waiter to light up the cakes and gave it to the birthday boy while playing the birthday song..
but...instead he took out the cake INSIDE the box out without even opened it zz...
most of them refused to sing the birthday song(mayb they thk that they were too "mature" for tiz lols...)

~the birthday boy~
after that we went by...thx wei chen for fetching zez liang and i home lols..
zez liang wanted to stay overnite at my house since he was going to prangin on the next day
we were actually quite sleepy when we reached home but we ended out talking and talking in the living room untill 4am i really slept lols..
talks about girls...ns....studies...etc. lols......
it was good to have a long talk wif frens once in a while lols..
16th march, Sunday
woke up bt 10.30pm..
fetch hui shin by 12pm...dropped zez liang at prangin..
went to find anthony tan at his tuition center since im going to ns soon..
haha..had a talk wif him....
anyway im doing form 6 mostly coz i wanted to lols..not coz of my parents...=.=
after that we went some whr near heng ee for lunch..
and my car couldnt start~!!!
i put the key in and it cant turn~!!! lols..
i was so pissed up that mum who was nearby came and helped me out...
she told me that i moved the steering when i closed the engine and she said that it was something like auto lock system and it will lock.. the... erm...lock something..and coz the engine cannot start...o.O....
nw i noe..lols..
went to sunshine farlim to buy a lock for NS(zez told me to buy) o.O
went home and took a nap...xD
went to Oriental Seafood for dinner wif my family..
the food was nt as nice as the last time i came..and it was soooooo expensive lols...
after that...pack for ns...xD
to be continue--->"Preparation for ns~!!!"

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