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Monday, September 15, 2008

15th September 2008

Owh..lazy to blog la...
already 3 months not blogging...
nothing special lately..
almost everyweek the same activities..

Wedsneday-Chemistry Tuition
Thursday-Physical Training

and so many homeworks...especially maths~zzz
but still have time to watch 溏心风暴(finished~!)
and 家好月圆(episod 25) lah...haha

and ohya...our school was in a badminton fever since august..
for the badminton interclass competition held last saturday..
although not all of us and i joined....
we went for badmintons for a few times at Permata and CRC..just for fun lolx..
and congrats L6F2 for winning =)

k la nothing else...
im not good in blogging anyway xD

Happy ~belated~ Mooncake Festival~ o_O

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