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Thursday, June 10, 2010

June banyak kantao 1

4th june- Siew Meng and Wei Xian birthdays
We spent quite a night at Golden View service apartment - which is like 2 blocks away from my house.


The 2 buddies who lived in the same area,
came to school together and WTH born on the same day.
How Gay is that?? o_O

Gay is definitely not the word for SM..with his Kyra..LOL

On the other hand....Wei Xian....-.-

5th june- My cousin big day.
My cousin Henry and his wife Nicky from Thailand..=)

My family

My nephew! Spotlight of the day =D

6th June - A visit to Sir Mad House
This is my 2nd visit to there....
-no photo takings are allowed...soo..

3 floors plus a basement.
Pool, KTV, home theater, home made bar table, X Box 360, bathtub in the balcony, WATERFALL (YES), about 10 LED/LCD/PLASMA TV (from 30 to 55 inches) all around the house.

and the design....of an airplane head crashing into the house....
too f-awesome to be true..
(stolen from his blog)

and yeah the photos, the albums are very nice++ and memorable
especially when I found this.....
wow..-.- guess who..

more to come...


Iceice said...

haha.. eh...
ur nephew sooooooooooo cute in that outfit...!!! !!!!!!!
and abt the guess who...
dont tell me the botak in yellow cloth that sit in front is u!!!

CP said...