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Thursday, April 26, 2012


Sometimes, you know that it is not what your favorable Interest,
But it is a great Opportunity to get and learn more.
So you make your Decision to pick it up.
And in the progress, you found that you learn enough, and that is Experience.
And now you realize that it is not what you enjoy doing it,
Hesitation came.

But, you know you just have to do it.
And that is Responsibility.

When Responsibility take over your Interest,
it is becoming like yourself living under other's expectation,
and not living your own life.
How many percent of my life is lived by me myself...?
And what am I doing with that small partition of it?

Some say that Growing Up,
means picking up new things and leaving something back behind.
Of course, you gain along the way,
Experience, Networking, Social Status, Wealth and Skills.
But did you ever think of what were loss along the way?
When one door closes, another door opens.
And vice versa,
When one door opens, another door shall closes.

When we were young, we can give thousands of excuses to deny thinking of our path,
and we always think that somehow there is a way out along the highway.
And now, we regret that we are living in the path,
that we never live before,
that we never thought before.

Time flies, and we are living in the future of our past,
and Where am I heading now?

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