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Thursday, January 15, 2009

MUET results....

MUET results out today...
and I get 188 marks...a Band 4!!
which is i think very fine for me because my english isn't that good to get a higher band

And today...just after we know our results..
We need to make decision whether to retake the MUET paper again or not..
which cost RM60...
what the heck....
why do it have to be on the same day...~_~

After thinking for hours...

1.) Why Not Retake?

I know my standard and Band 5 would be too hard for meto get
(Band 5 requires 220 marks....and only i got 188 marks...@_@)
I can spend more time on other subjects if Im not retaking MUET..
Save the Rm60 for other things ...lols..

2.)Why Retake?
Last Year paper is hard...
and the Mid-year MUET paper maybe easier than last year paper? Who knows??
What if the whole class get a band 5 and im not even trying to get!??
And almost the whole class is retaking(23/30)


And finally a decision is made..
the 7 of us left decided to retake....
actually only 6 of us..
Tsu Pang who don't want to retake....
was "forced" to retake because of a mistake

just hoping for the best~~

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