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Thursday, January 8, 2009

School Days

Had been four days..
but still not really in the schooling mood yet..
New teachers and environment..
Air-conditioning and huge classroom...which xD...
and oh yeah..TOP classmates..@_@
Made in the first class~F3..
and it makes me very tense and pressure looking those in the 2 front rows
Studying and homework-ing from time to time....~~
and the teacher keep frightening us with the numbers of chapters we need to cover this year...
hope i can catch up...=)

MUET teacher asked us to self-intoduce
with an adjective start with a letter of any first letter of our name..

and ended up with lots and lots of laughter ...ROFL..
chung ling students really know how to polish the teacher's shoes
in various ways ,using different types of adjectives....=_=... period anyway xD

and school days continues.......

with 11 months to go..........
Be prepared and Be Afraid...
mentally and physically
forget bout it..=_=||



俊銘。陳 said...

lol.....u forget me liao hor??

KazkiBear said...

jz pass by~keke
woo.TOP claz student..jiayou!